Why GPH Investors Digital Transformation Programme?

Depicting on the extensive experience and expertise of our team members, our Investors Digital Transformation Programmes are always relevant and practical. Our programmes are designed for investors, business owners or corporate executives who wish to comprehend the application of emerging technologies in today’s business context in order to generate superior investment performance.


Is this the right time?

The message is seemingly loud and clear on how businesses can remain competitive and relevant as the world makes a quick turn into the information age. It is no more about infrastructure development but understanding data and emerging technologies and their precise use is the next win for many businesses. The shift is much seen as the recent pandemic hits the world. Businesses and companies plunged onto online platforms to provide services to their customers and clients. As commercial deals move online and data is increasingly abundant, many businesses are leveraging on various promising technologies such as blockchain, AI and IoT to obtain security, automation and convenience. The availability of these technologies and the knowledge of their understanding have made the transition much easier and more efficient in this pandemic season. What then happens to the business owner who makes strategic decisions for a company or the investor who is ready to inject capital into a project in this pandemic but lacks insight on these emerging technologies? Hence, Global Policy House is providing world class training for investors and business owners in emerging tech and policy development and implementation. The programme helps to inculcate knowledge and tech skills in these high ranked individuals so as to align their core objectives in the digital space.


Why investors and business owners should apprehend the digital world

For modern investors, the struggle is with the volume and speed of information the world currently presents. With the internet, there is constantly evolving stream of online information being produced, even by obscure companies. Investors are challenged to find the right resource and overwhelmed with choices when information floods in. Handling voluminous information does not guarantee success as inaccurate information or dreadful uncertainty such as the recent corona virus pandemic can make many investors have to alter their stance in injecting capital.


Successfully understanding emerging technologies integration can lead to superior investment decisions. Investor’s advantages for example can be achieved by appreciating that blockchain has a higher chance of reducing transaction costs and improving security, artificial intelligence (AI) can be very responsive in analysing past investments and suggesting new investment, and IoT can provide convenience for all parties.


The GPH programme offers tailored training, so whether you’re a corporate or individual investor, entrepreneur, or corporate executive, we have a wide range of programmes available to fit your current situation. In the modern competitive environment, personal development and understanding of technology are key. GPH will work with investors to equip them with tech minds so as to explore the digital space.


  1. Educate and equip investors with understanding of data, emerging technologies such as blockchain, AI, and IoT. The programme conducts detailed training on how investors can leverage the technology to improve their decision making in deployment of their capital as investments for increased efficiency and accountability.
  2. Help align the values and motivation of the investors in the new digital landscapes. Since they exist to create positive change for people and the planet, it is important they know where the world stands in order to impact their intentions. The programme also influences the policy legislative framework on emerging tech to regulate digital effect on social, political and economic sectors such as subsidies for start-up tech companies, tax laws, consumer data rights.
  3. Facilitate education on how to use data needed to understand the digital space.
  4. Initiate, public–private partnerships with technology companies that aim tocollaboratively experiment with emerging technology for the public and private sector.


Course contents

Although technological developments and their public adoption are taking place at a very fast pace, research from BT and YouGov found that more than 50 percent of business leaders in the UK are not familiar with emerging technologies, and the adoption of technologies such as blockchain, AI and IoT is still very low, 10%, 23%, and 20% respectively. It’s very clear that businesses that can exploit emerging technologies early on can realise substantial paybacks, such as being a pioneer, boosting efficiencies, unlocking innovation, and creating a sustainable future. Our programme is designed to provide an understanding of the current landscape, with several topics covered including:


  1. People are ready for something new and it’s time for us to join them.
  2. Business and technology are indistinguishable
  3. The power of massive data and intelligent analytic
  4. Bring Your Own Environment (BYOE) strategies: anywhere, everywhere
  5. Decentralisation and autonomy
  6. Interoperability is crucial
  7. Cryptocurrency and CBDC
  8. Emerging technologies as an investment rather than costs

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