BlockChain For Youth

BlockChain For Youth

The program is aimed at 17 to 35 year-old  young people looking to up-skill themselves and learn new information about emerging technology.


The training aims to prepare upcoming African entrepreneurs for the entrepreneurship journey they will face when they launch their startup, leveraging technology for growth.

There will be many other current and future entrepreneurs at the training programme, and this will present an opportunity to network with them and learn from others. Entrepreneurs will have a great opportunity to raise finances as the over 1000 alumni as of 2020 had raised over $240 million from Venture Capital firms creating over 3100 jobs, 1 unicorn and 73 went on to join accelerators (Alumni Statistics). This will be extremely useful in Africa where the median age for the continent is estimated to be 18 years old as of 2020 according to the (CIA World Factbook).

This indicates that Africa will have a larger population in the coming years and will be in need of new companies to employ the rising population and satisfy their demand for goods and services. Entrepreneurship is the most sustainable way for job development. The overall youth unemployment rate in Africa according to the International Labour Organisation stood at 10.7% and this can be reduced through entrepreneurial ventures.

Upon completion of the program the students will each receive a certificate of entrepreneurship and access to Draper University’s large alumni network (Alumni Network).

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