Blockchain For Government

Blockchain For Government

The GPH training programme offers tailored training to government staff. GPH will work with governments to boost employee confidence by engaging them in training programs that will make them feel confident and also improve the efficiency and productivity level of services.

Educate and equip government officials with understanding of data, emerging technologies such as blockchain, AI, robotics, machine learning.

The program conducts detailed training on how the government can leverage the technology to improve public service delivery in government institutions for increased efficiency,security, transparency, and accountability.

Advice the government on how to shape their policies and strategies to accommodate new digital landscapes.

Friendly policies are paramount in directing how to use and regulate the use of digital tech tools and platforms. The programme influences the policy legislative framework on emerging tech to regulate digital effect on social, political and economic sectors such as subsidies for start-up tech companies, tax laws, consumer data rights.

Facilitate public education for citizens

on how to use the digital technology introduced by the government to streamline its adoption.

Initiate public–private partnerships

with technology companies that aim to collaboratively experiment with emerging technology for the public and private sector.


Acquire knowledge about blockchain and emerging technologies within a short time period and gain insights from recognized global experts

Access use cases which will help consolidate the theory of the technology and will give you an idea of the practical possibilities

Implementation strategies , the knowledge you acquire will allow you to understand if you need to implement blockchain in your business

Navigate blockchain ecosystem more easily and distinguish reliable evidence-based information from empty hype and misinformation

Learn how design future decentralised business models and blockchain based strategies

Start your study journey into blockchain and qualify to take on further longer programmes

Gain competitive advantage in a niche area and build your expertise, talent and knowledge

Learn with fellow business leaders for shared knowledge

Exchange and network with fellow professionals from different sectors

Built a network of global contacts by joining our alumni post the programme

Make A Difference With Expert Team