Jocelyn Steele

Jocelyn is a Systems Analyst with over 2 decades of experience in developing technical solutions for large and small companies. She understands the overall strategic vision of a company and can apply that to individual projects to ensure the solution will add value to the business. She has developed solutions and provided technical guidance for industries such as airline, manufacturing, government, financial services, non-profit/entertainment, and residential construction. Her passion for driving business transformation through technology innovation is why she has been successful in many of her projects. Some of these projects include converting legacy systems to updated platforms, upgrading an e-commerce shopping cart experience, designing a Groupon redemption site, and a redesign of an online donation website. She has also been instrumental in evaluating and implementing RPA as a new way to automate backend processes.

Not only does Jocelyn have a passion for creating innovative technical solutions but she has a passion for introducing technology to the youth and others interested in having a career in technology. She has acted as a mentor and helped facilitate classes for children to spark their interest in technology.


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