Michelle Chivunga

Founder & CEO

About Michelle Chivunga

It is not every day a girl raised in a remote village in Zambia-Africa decides to start her own policy and financing business. Michelle’s journey working within policy and financing has been extensive and at times challenging but also highly rewarding with many years’ experience working in both the private and public sectors. Her impressive experience in influencing, shaping government policy and sourcing innovative solution around financing provides the Global Policy House an excellent base to deliver. Michelle has built up a strong career and professional network working with major organisations including the British Bankers Association,
Department for Communities and Local government, Chartered Institute of Housing and University of Surrey. She has also had various investment and financial
consultancy roles engaging with policy leads and groups including the World Bank, European Banking Federation, the European Commission, African Development
Bank, HM Treasury, Foreign Commonwealth Office, DFID, ODI,UK parliamentarians in various government departments and non-governmental experts in many
Michelle has predominantly worked on government policy and designing financing instruments working with parliamentarians, bankers and international organisations to develop policy and support financing/economic development programs. At the British Bankers Association Michelle worked within corporate banking with a focus on UK/EU/global financing and SME business policy. Working with representation for the UK banking sector and supporting many of the major banks including Barclays, HSBC, Santander, Lloyds, RBS and many other smaller challenger banks to support financial stability programs, strengthen policy and support innovative transactions including business financing arrangements for SMEs. Michelle led global stakeholderengagement work, working with other European banking associations to support financial transactions across Africa, Asia, USA and other markets. Globally Michelle has worked with government leads and industry leads to evaluate economic policy frameworks and helped design long-term financing programs.
Previous to this Michelle worked with the professional housing group the Chartered Institute of Housing leading housing policy initiatives in the South East regions and led the international housing development programmes working with stakeholders in Africa, Asia and the USA.Michelle has also written various articles and published a series of reports over the years,some jointly with leading writers including the Housing and Economic Linkages review. Michelle now runs the Global Policy House and also works and supports her local University of Surrey’s technology work within the Centre for Digital Economy and manages the University’s global expansion programme with Executive Education Programmes.

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