The Global Policy House (GPH) exists to close the digital, identity and finance divide ensuring that no one is left behind. The main goal is to evaluate, educate and empower through cutting edge emerging technology innovations and digital tools; providing digital, financing and policy solutions that are inclusive and sustainable. GPH has global coverage with partnerships spread across continents of the world and leading in Blockchain and other emerging technology developments globally especially in emerging markets. Half of the world’s population has no internet connectivity, over  3 billion people without access to the internet, and over 1 billion with no identity  and more than 2 billion people excluded from the financial system-many unable to trade digitally and unequipped to deal with the complexities of the digital economy. The 4th Industrial revolution driven by technology is here to stay. GPH is at the forefront of supporting many groups to navigate the digital economy,  solving global challenges, sourcing financing , building capacity and working with  global partners to help close the digital divide and support prosperity for all, building sustainable and inclusive digital futures.

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