Our Mission

The Global Policy House (GPH) exists to close the digital, finance and identity divide ensuring that no one is left behind. The main goal is to evaluate, educate and empower through cutting edge emerging technology innovations, providing digital, financing and policy solutions that are inclusive and sustainable.


Our Values


In all we do at the Global Policy House we value all people , both those that work for us and those we engage with, delivering the best results working with the best people. Our work and activities are supported by our set of strong values and principles by which the Global Policy House adheres to.

Global and United

Innovative and Impactful

Credible and Socially driven

Professional and Diplomatic

Strategic and Passionate

Our Core Focus

Global Policy House ‘s mission is to bridge and close the global digital, finance and identity divide ensuring that no one is left behind , sharing our knowledge and expertise across many global markets. We also focus on the development and reskilling of people including women, youth and underrepresented marginalised groups development and empowerment.

What We Do

Digital Economy






Evaluate , Educate , Equip

Build , Digitise , Innovate

Convergence , Interoperable, Scalable

Develop Global Digital solutions


Venture Capital

Business Finance

Investment Opportunities

Blockchain Investments

Investment Risk

Financial Inclusion

Strategic Consulting


Influencing and lobbying

Government/Multilateral Organizations

Technical policy support

Women/Youth Empowerment

Capacity Building

Where we operate

Working across the globe especially in Africa, Asia , USA, Europe we provide innovative digital solutions, shape policy, provide access to financing and help build capacity, skills through cutting edge technology and cross sector stakeholder engagement.

Current Sectors: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency , Agriculture, Enterprise , Education , Trade and Investments , Banking and Financial Services , Family Office ,Government and Diplomatic , International development , Tourism , Media, Music , Fashion , Healthcare, Charity

Enterprise and Business Finance

Education and Housing

Trade and Investment

Economic and Infrastructure development

Banking and Financial Services

Government and Diplomatic organisations

Ketsuda Supradit

Minister (Economic and Finance) UK & Europe, Royal Thai Embassy, London

"Michelle is a finance expert. Her deep knowledge in economic, financial and business policy issues. is impressive. Michelle has excellent ability to multitask, often juggling several important projects at the same time travelling across the world to carry out her work. And with all this she remains a very passionate and hardworking individual able to produce great results and juggle her many commitments. As a professional Michelle often keeps up to date and shares topical policy issues expertly covering key global finance and economic policy developments- particularly relevant for us is her international linkages and ability to connect. I initially met Michelle when she worked as the UK/EU representative and lead on business finance/economic policy at the British Bankers Association. Michelle was and remains an effective communicator and negotiator with an excellent grasp of financing issues affecting businesses and financing institutions. In particular her global perspectives and innovative ideas around financing arrangements makes her a great asset. Some of her insightful policy briefings and reports she has shared has helped stimulate our thinking on a range of issues. I would not hesitate to recommend Michelle and I know in whatever project she engages in she will give only the best and deliver excellent results.

Lloyd Adams

Head of Strategy at Digital Jersey, Jersey

"Michelle is a highly intelligent and considerate colleague, whose efforts greatly contributed to the ongoing success of teams across the British Bankers' Association. Working closely with my team within Retail Banking at the BBA, Michelle’s team played an instrumental role driving forward business finance policy initiatives, working across the UK and the EU on SME policy development and corporate finance projects. In particular we had direct engagement on policy development, parliamentary work and financing projects with the banking industry across the devolved nations and EU markets. Michelle’s strong ability to work with different internal and external teams is particularly impressive; she has clearly been very successful in managing and widening her cross-sector stakeholder network working globally with major groups!

Reka Hamori

Chief Economist, Hungarian Banking Association, Hungary

"Michelle worked at the British Bankers Association, and we used to attend meetings of the European Banking Federation SME Working Group where Michelle represented the BBA on UK/EU banking policy and financing issues. During these meetings, Michelle always contributed actively and proactively, her recommendations and enthusiasm were a great benefit for our entire group. In particular Michelle added value by sharing and updating the group on the banking, economic and financing developments in the UK.I am sure with her policy knowledge and ability to work with senior stakeholders, she will be an active team member and would provide a significant contribution to any company.

Frederic Paulic

Business Finance Advisor-French Banking Federation

"Michelle is very intelligent and well versed on many economic and financial issues affecting businesses and institutions. It was a pleasure to work with Michelle during her time at the British Bankers Association where she strongly represented the banking community and raised profile on many issues affecting businesses across the UK, Europe .Michelle is excellent in negotiating and presenting innovative solutions, clearly explaining complex policy matters and suggesting practical approaches. As someone that is engaged in various sectors, Michelle understands well the complexities that many businesses face in different sectors. Working with other European representatives like myself representing the French financing industry on the European Banking Federations working group , Michelle shared regularly with the group progress being made around financial innovation/ inclusion and developments around alternative sources of finance and long-term financing improvements. Her strengths are many but she particularly excels in engaging with global stakeholders, gathering intelligence and excellent finance and wider-policy insight.

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